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We Are Chicago’s Exclusive Geriatric Functional Wellness & Chronic Illness Home Caregiving Service.

We assist older adults in achieving their health goals by providing them with the support they need to get home, stay home, and manage any chronic conditions they may have. We work tirelessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care to help them get better faster and stay out of the hospital. Our goal is to help our clients live the fullest life possible, regardless of any life-limiting conditions they may be facing.

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Our Daily Mission

Our goal is to provide compassionate, culturally sensitive, and competent care that promotes well-being, independence, and a sense of dignity to our clients.

How We Carry Out Our Daily Mission: First, we listen closely to our client’s individual needs and situation. Then, we collaborate with them to develop wellness goals for the care recipient and work/life balance goals for the family caregiver. After that, we create a personalized home care program that is perfect for their unique circumstances. Our aim is to help them regain their independence and enjoy life on their own terms, despite any life-limiting conditions. Finally, we monitor the client’s progress, provide encouragement, and ensure that they are happy and making the most of each day.

The 5 Reasons Why The Medical Community Recommends Our Services To Busy Professional Families


Our services have no minimum requirements for shifts or hours.


Our clients choose their preferred type of caregiver and are matched based on skill set, cultural competence, engagement ability, capacity for therapeutic communication, mental stimulation, and psycho-social interests.


Our program offers a highly valuable feature: Clients can control the cost of their care by selecting the most suitable hourly rate and payment schedule.


We guarantee that clients will never be cared for by someone they haven’t met or approved of, unless they explicitly choose otherwise. Our commitment ensures that there won’t be a revolving door of unfamiliar faces in their home. Consistency and trust are at the core of our approach. 


A & N Healing Hearts is registered, licensed, accredited, insured and bonded. Our clients can see the credentialing, references, drug screening and background checks of the caregiver(s) of their choice.

Our Testimonials

I felt peace & trust immediately after our first encounter with Nicole & staff. I did not feel as if they were solely in the business because it’s lucrative. It’s the complete opposite!! They genuinely care & offer restorative care.

I became the sole care taker for my dad immediately after my mom passed. I’ve solicited help from many over the course of the past year, and outside of a relative, I’ve never been more at peace than I am now.

My 83 year old dad loves Nicole as well as her staff. For the first time in over a year, he’s taking steps to walk & is receiving daily therapy & exercises that is geared towards him regaining his independence. Within two weeks, he was able to take 10 steps! This is more than he accomplished in a local rehabilitation facility.

I love & appreciate Nicole’s honesty about what is possible. She has a true gift from God & a sincere heart for elders.

Valencia A


 Our family could not be happier with the amount of care, compassion and professionalism at A & N Healing Hearts. At such a vulnerable time for our family, we only wanted the best care for our loved one. Thanks to Nicole and her Team at A & N Healing Hearts, we found just that. A & N Healing Hearts would often go above and beyond in their care, organization and communication both to our family member and to ourselves. We can now rest comfortably knowing that our loved one is given the proper respect, medical and physical care he needs. 

Thank you A & N Healing Hearts! 

Erin T.


I strongly recommend and celebrate the work of Nicole and her staff. They are doing an excellent job with my dad who is a recent amputee. The work they are doing is enhancing his strength and long term goal to be mostly independent. The work is thorough and professional.

Harry C



Your management of my father’s care, as well as the therapists he’s been working with have pushed him to the next step of his journey to recovery. Your team has been active and accommodating and we all wanted you to know how much we appreciate your service and commitment.

Thank you again,

Joshua Hill


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